Idayu Mumtaz Iskandar | Kota Kinabalu, MY | 1997

Sometimes a warrior, sometimes a forest fire. Optimist. Old soul dreamer. Gryffindor. Kaizen.

I am fascinated by new knowledge, experiences, and consciousness, even more so by the fact that I do not know what I have not known yet, which is a lot of things. This very realization should strongly urges us to behave and act and live as lifelong learners.

This in my virtual diaries of the things I learn, of life as I see it, fuelled by what that inspires or thrills me. This sanctuary should be of ecstasy of being and freedom of expression and everything in between. Welcome!


This is a personal blog, shared with my readers whom I always consider friends. The opinions expressed here represent my own and note that my thoughts change from time to time thus it is necessary for all of us to keep an open mind.

This space is intended to provide manifestation and assertion of my musings, judgements and experiences but in the end, it is a reader's own rightful freedom give them meanings the way he or she desires to.

All the images used belong to the respective owners. Some I find online, some are my own. If you notice any of yours, kindly notify me to give credits or take them down.

This disclaimer is subject to change at anytime. Also, if you like iced coffee, we might make good friends.