Which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

The bed was ice. The air, stale. My lungs, bare. I was half-praying, half-impatient for the intravenous drips to instantly get me out of the nightmare. They let me sleep and an hour later the excruciating pain finally left like a ghost tired of a fearless heart. I had vomitted several times since last night and beared the needle-poking feeling in my stomach and now it was over. I slept like a baby in the car as my two guardian angels drove us back home, it was five-thirty in the morning.

I feel like I am reborn again, like a little taste of death to remind me of how much I love being alive, of the power in my head to choose strength and endurance. Thankfully, I learn my lesson of the importance of eating my meals on time and exercising and drinking enough water. Thankfully, I have no major illnesses or diseases. I am aware that many other people are suffering worse than me. But it is moments like this that make me appreciate life and living. No matter what challenges or problems there are in my life, as long as I have a good health, could go to sleep with a thankful and enduring heart and mind, sisters to love, realization of my limitless potential tightly fastened around my head - I'm good. I will do great.

Being alive is a privilege. Yes, you may say that I can say that because next to my blessings, my test is just a speck. But still I am fighting to have gratitude for all the simple blessings in my life. If only we wake up each day like it's the first day we are being born, everything feels new and exciting and terrifying and we are learning, to cry and laugh and learn and love and sleep to begin all over again tomorrow. A necessity of life is an indulgence. Everything else is extra, nice to have though. Thank Allah for all the good and bad, strive for the best and the most excellent and serve others as a rent fee residing on earth. L u x u r y.

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